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It started in 1997......


Music has always played a large part in Traxxis' life. In high school he started as an MC in Long Island and battled cats around to way to hone his skills. He put out a few singles that got local attention such as Beyond Hypothermia and Boondock Native. Even though music was his heart Traxxis put it on the back burner when he decided to attend college.

He couldn't keep away for long. By the time Traxxis was a senior he was regularly freestylin on the college radio and started producing tracks. Armed with only a computer Traxxis used the newly developing computer music technologies to create original tracks with a classical backing.

His first release came in 1999 while Traxxis was in Japan. The Evolution EP was a compilation ahead of it's time. It featured hard hitting beats in sharp contrast to beautiful classical melodies. Stand out tracks included: Hot Shit and Pendulum. A truly unique track was the Highlander inspired Dawn of Time. With a fellow up-and-coming rapper, Orion Pax, Traxxis weaves a tale of destruction through the ages as he takes down histories greatest leaders in a feat of story telling spanning over 3000 years.

A major turning point in Traxxis' career cam in 200o when with his brother Stelth, he formed the media production firm Abyss Networks. Acting as CEO and lead producer Traxxis put down the mic and stepped behind the boards to craft hundreds of beats the likes of which were never heard before. 2001 saw Traxxis work with the Queens artist Eyez and start work on his first official US release. In 2002 the Eyez Promo hit the streets of NY to a very positive reception. The lead single It's Always Live introduced the world to Traxxis' twisted-chop style of production and cemented his place among Hip Hop's production elite.

The following year saw Traxxis step into the booth once more to spit on the critically acclaimed Talking to Myself. Over dark and gritty string Traxxis and Eyez brought to life the trauma of Living in NYC in the post 9/11 reality. The song was played on Showcase radio all over New York and was also featured on the banging Street Radio Vol. 5 mixtape.

The urge to travel hit Traxxis again when he decided to relocate to Lagos, Nigeria and then Barcelona, Spain. The pace of releases may have slowed down, but just one listen to Traxxis newest joints like Agua and All Great Things and you will know that Traxxis is still a force to be reckoned with. Welcome to the Abyss.





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